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We’ve worked with companies like Skyscanner and Optical Express, agencies like ABC Creative in Glasgow and Firefly in Edinburgh, people such as Chris Guillebeau, SMEs, Realtors, photographers, health coaches, new wine producers, brand strategists, graphic designers, and, honestly, we could keep going.

But we’re not just talk. We’re action too. And we’ve got the links to prove it.

Website COPY

Merging function and form and articulating Chaptr Studio’s drive to deliver modern brand experiences.

Teaming up with Firefly to create one enchanting website for Newhall Estate.

Collaborating with our pal, the legend behind Eido Studio, to help rebrand a fast-moving tech company.

Smooth new copy for online skin care consultations.

Website copy for a Real Estate agent's new online home.

Straightforward website copy for a no-BS Realtor.

Helping a functional health coach glow-up her website with copy that sounds like her, but better.

Refreshed copy to go with this Realtor’s stunning website re-do.

Website copy for a sleep consultant that doesn’t put readers to sleep.

More website copy (we love it that much)

Crafting copy for the Cutitronics website that combines their simple philosophy with clear potential.

Hyping up a fellow Canadian for 'about page' greatness.

Putting love into words for a pretty-in-pink wedding photographer.


Podcast episodes for Chris Guillebeau's Side Hustle School. Find more here, here, and here

Blogs + Content

Guest post for the lovely ladies at Four Oh Seven

Company positioning and content for an international travel program.

miscellaneous + FUn

Cheeseburger Ipsum, a Lorem Ipsum generator (but way better).


We're more than a multiple-hit wonder, though.
We're also great at email marketing, brand guides, product descriptions, and sales pages (to name a few things.) 


We're great, but don't just take our word for it.


Here's what clients have said to back up our game. 


Michaela Latavanah, Beachside Studio

“I almost don't know how to express how awesome Elizabeth is in words! She is a dream to work with. She's super talented and totally captures the voice of the brand. I’d recommend Crisp Copy to anyone looking for a great copywriter, especially one with quick turnaround times and responsiveness. Elizabeth can really capture the voice of a person and make the copy sound just like them.”

Amy Bridgeforth, Clover & Crow

"Working with Elizabeth from Crisp Copy has been nothing short of amazing. She's attentive, thorough and has a keen eye for attention to detail. I've had her work on a number of client contracts with my company Clover & Crow, as well as for my own biography write-up. Not only is she amazing at what she does, but she's also an all-around delightful person to work with. We'll definitely continue to use her services moving forward!"

Ali Hicks-Wright, Amari Creative

“I cannot recommend Crisp Copy enough!! Elizabeth and I set up a video call just to chat and get to know each other and by the end of the call, I had so many new and amazing ideas of content that would benefit my business! Even better, Elizabeth helped me bring these idea to life! She wrote incredible content for me that captured my tone and voice perfectly. Elizabeth is talented, creative and so much fun to work with. If you are in need of a copywriter for your business, you have found the one!”

Judith Brieger, White Space Studio

“Elizabeth is incredibly talented in her writing and knows how to write copy that engages her clients audience. We instantly connected on a personal as well as professional level. She instantly 'got’ us and what our brand is all about. The best part was that she was able to take our vision and bring it to paper in a way that is so authentic to our brand. Elizabeth writes like I think I sound in my head, but could never bring to paper. I would recommend Crisp Copy to anyone who wants to step up their copy game. Don’t try this alone when you could work with such an incredibly talented copywriter!”

Maya Nikolovski, Digital Coalition

"Elizabeth has a clear talent for writing high impact copy that customers are crazy about. I've hired Elizabeth for several content marketing projects and recommend her wholeheartedly as a marketer and a writer on any project you might have." 

Jessa Green, The Tech in my Pocket

"I highly recommend Elizabeth for her expert copywriting skills. She is both professional and fun. She shows up, knows her stuff, and gets the job done. She can skillfully craft a statement that pops off the page and grabs people’s attention. Elizabeth is also great at getting familiar with your “voice” so that the copy truly matches you and your work."

ONNIDA ADITAPSATIT, Business development director

"Elizabeth is a truly professional editor. She has edited and proofread projects for me since early 2017. I am always amazed by her dedication, professionalism, and the quality of her work. There was one article in which the original version did not have the correct statistic. A normal editor would leave it as it was, but Elizabeth cross-checked the information online to make sure that the numbers were correct. I was very impressed with her work and how she took the initiative."


"It was a pleasure working with Elizabeth. She is a brilliant copywriter and was able to capture the tone and personality of my company extremely well. Elizabeth has great communication skills and continuously updated me on her progress as she moved through a large project. I am excited to work with Elizabeth again. She's definitely one of the best copywriters I've worked with."

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