We write copy that’s a little left of centre.



Crisp copy is more than pretty words strung together.

So, what is it then? It's kinda like that feeling you get when the server comes out of the kitchen with your plate of food. Words that feel like that first happy hour drink. Or when the lights dim in the movie theatre. It's the edge-of-your-seat anticipation that something amazing is about to happen. 

It's copy that speaks to your heart… and your head. And, yeah, there are some pretty words strung together. We like pretty words. But they're always chosen wisely. Scout's honour.



We finesse 26 letters of the alphabet into words that make you say “…damn.”


We only like doing things we're good at.
What's that, exactly? Glad you asked.

The foundations

  • Tone of voice

  • Brand guides

  • Content strategy

  • Workshops (we’ll bring snacks)

  • Positioning + USPs

  • Being awesome.

The show ponies

  • Website copy

  • Email marketing

  • Content + body copy

  • Product descriptions

  • Headlines + taglines

  • Brochures.


Hey, I'm Elizabeth 🙋‍♀️

I believe in Celebrating taco Tuesday, Feminism, and using your turn signal. Oh, and writing copy that’s a little left of centre.

The Crisp origin story is a bit long-winded, but it’s safe to say that my Canadian passport is well-stamped and my laptop has been to more countries than some people. I’m lucky to have clients in almost every time zone and we all happen to love punchy copy that’s cooler than being cool.
P.S. Everything I write includes Oxford commas. It’s best you know that going into it.


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